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As a brand in itself, SUSANA FARINHA could be considered as a new-born player in the jewelry industry, nonetheless Susana has been working in this field for around 20 years.
Susana started off with the creation of small accessories for some known brands, friends and family before moving into the creation of custom jewelry pieces, thus transforming this unique passion into a profession.
Having a degree in Communication and Journalism, she worked at first in this field applying all her creativity to words, however her constant curiosity and sensitivity – as well as her growing desire to put her creative ideas to the test – made her passion for jewelry a life style.
It’s all about mixing materials, testing contrasts, textures and colours.
Stylish. Innovative. Inspirational. Filled with feelings and emotions, pieces take shape in bracelets, chains, necklaces and earrings.
In the last 10 years Susana Farinha has worked with an array of diverse brands – creating, coordinating and producing collections for both national and international markets.
Today, Susana Farinha wants to position itself as a brand that knows its client well.
Bearing No names, No styles, No adjectives or Tribes.
Made For ME. Made For YOU.
Pure love. Pure Handcrafted.




Susana Farinha

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Rua António Alçada Baptista, 2, bloco A, 4oD
1500-911 Lisboa

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